SAFE (Safe Abortions for Everyone) was founded in 1989.

A group of 14 concerned Maine women established SAFE as an endowed 501(c)3 non-profit fund to help patients seeking abortions but lacking the ability to pay the costs. The founders raised the initial capital and invested it wisely to ensure its growth.

The SAFE board of directors manages the fund.

The volunteer board has about 12 members at any given time, who have a variety of backgrounds and skills. Their primary responsibilities are to raise money and allocate it carefully, to ensure longterm fund sustainability.  

SAFE spends 98% of donations on funding abortions for people in need.

Aside from minimal accounting and administrative costs, all SAFE expenditures go toward funding patients’ abortions. We work with abortion providers in Maine, in New England, and around the country to ensure that Mainers of limited or no means have access to safe abortion services.

Providers with whom we work screen patients for financial need. When a patient qualifies for help, providers usually discount fees and charge SAFE a standard amount of $100. Providers may also call to ask us for extra funding for a patient with especially dire need.

SAFE matters because without access, there is no choice.

The legal right to safe abortion is meaningless without the ability to pay. SAFE exists to make sure all Mainers can exercise their right to choose and to manage their health and well-being.

SAFE funds abortions for Mainers in need.