[Please note: The stories below are mixed and matched from the experiences of real patients.]


Stephanie was a nursing student with two young children, barely making ends meet while pursuing her dream, when she was surprised by a pregnancy. She thought she might have more children some day, but knew that finishing school and getting a job first would provide the best future for her family. She and her fiancé were grateful for the SAFE donation, which helped support their decision to have an abortion. They hope to give back to SAFE in the future, to help other Mainers in similar situations.


Dora, a 17-year-old high school senior, was living on her own because of severe family problems, when she discovered she was pregnant. Because she was determined to pay for the abortion herself, she worked after school and on weekends to save for the procedure, only to have her ex-boyfriend steal a large part of her savings. Desperate to make up the difference, she sold her bed, her dresser, and other belongings, and moved in with her former stepfather. When she met with a counselor at a clinic providing abortion services, she related what had happened. The counselor assured her that they could use SAFE funds to help. Dora was able to obtain a safe abortion and move on with her life.


Elizabeth, a 23-year-old woman, was pregnant by her cocaine-addicted boyfriend. She sought an abortion because she did not want a child to be brought into the life of drug abuse and violence she had been too scared to leave. She worried that if she had his child, her boyfriend would be able to use the child as a way to maintain control and a connection to her life. SAFE funds were able to help to Elizabeth obtain a safe abortion and the chance to change her life.

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